Did I buy a $600 dollar (CDN) paperweight? My AOR-AR3000A.

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The photo on the left is not my current set up as I had to take it down for the process of moving. (2016)

The bottom photo is an old photo of my temporary shack about 2010ish

Testing a CB base

Setting up and testing a CB base station

Old Shack early 2000s

About 2001 in Saskatoon. I was limited to 10 meters originally, then I moved up to more bands once I installed the G5RV.

Shack 2010ish

Some of my classic scanners and receivers. Also, on the top left the Heathkit keyer that's I've dusted off.

Rack of Icoms

My rack of Icom radios, A few R71-A and 1 R-7000. They were when they came out an amazing radio that I wish I could afford.

QSL Card

This is a real neat look back at call-signs in Canada. As you can see on my header, one of my call signs was in the province of British Columbia in 1936. In 1946 that changed, and Saskatchewan became VE5, and BC became VE7. In 1999 VA5 was also included for Saskatchewan. Click here to read about Canadian Call signs

Back in the day when I was first interested in radio, I had no idea what a scanner was. Radio Shack in the US had VHF / UHF receivers for a long time. I only noticed a “scanner” around 1980ish when I started to get more involved into CB radio. Here is a look at some of the crystal-controlled radios I only wish I could afford at the time. I recently picked up a working Radio Shack Pro-24 that cost more to ship than to buy. A wonderful addition to the shack / collection. Top right is one of my 3 Pro-16As


Old website

I had a lot of plans when I purchased my domain ve5jl.com in December of 1999. Yes, even then I knew Y2K wasn’t going to get us.

I wanted the page to be the ultimate source for radio information in Canada. But, with life, things don’t always go as planned. With a job, and family responsibilities, the site never really got to the potential I had hoped to achieve. Thankfully Canada is not underrepresented by radio related websites and content.

Going forward, I think as time goes on, the site will be more of a look back at my love for radio that started at a very young age.

How it all Started

My logbook